Student Activities

A well-rounded development of the student is the principle goal of Co-Curricular & extracurricular activities. These activities help students in gaining experiences that positively impact their emotional, intellectual, social and inter-personal development. The Department strives to constantly engage the students to learn and participate in activities outside-the-classroom.

The Department continuously conducts several student activities listed below:

  • Inter College Management Meets
  • Brain Storming Session
  • Group Discussions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Ad-Making
  • Management / Business Quiz
  • Role Plays
  • Business Logos and Punch Lines
  • Just-a-minute
  • Management inspired Movies
  • Business Plans
  • Administering Questionnaire
  • Resume building
  • Management Games
  • Pre Placement Talks
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Mock Interview
  • Extempore
  • Business News Reading
  • Business Article Analysis

Apart from the above, the Department also encourages students to participate in cultural & other activities conducted within & outside the college like

  • Students Cultural Day
  • Rangoli/ Mehendi Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Singing Competitions
  • Debate
  • Elocution
  • Dance Competitions
  • Student Coordinator Elections
  • Vocabulary Quiz