Student Activities

A well-rounded development of the student is the principle goal of extracurricular activities. These activities help students in gaining experiences that positively impact their emotional, intellectual, social and inter-personal development. The Department strives to constantly engage the students to learn and participate in activities outside-the-classroom.

The Department continuously conducts several student activities listed below:

  • Management Activities Club
  • Cultural Activities Club

Management Club

  • Inter College Management Meets
  • Brain Storming Session
  • Group Discussions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Ad-Making
  • Management Quiz
  • Business Logos and Punch Lines
  • Just-a-minute
  • Management inspired Movies
  • Business News Reading
  • Business Article Analysis

Communications & Cultural Club

  • Students Cultural Day
  • Rangoli/ Mehendi Competition
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Singing Competitions
  • Dance Competitions
  • Student Club Coordinator Elections
  • Vocabulary Quiz
Date Activity Remarks
2/8/2011 Election Student Council Members  
27/08/2011 Students Cultural Day  
22/10/2011 Sports Event- Throwball  
3/11/2011 Induction Programme Chief Guest, Prof. Venkataramana, Dean School of Mgmt Studies, UoH
4/11/2011 Student Class Elections  
5/11/2011 Vocabulary Quiz  
  Passing the Parcel  
12/11/2011 Inter Group Competition Logos and Punch lines
14/11/2011 Children's Day Celebration  
15/11/2011 Brain Storming Session  
9/9/2011 Presentation Skills Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
10/21/2011 Report Writing/Business Writing Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
10/29/2011 Resume Building & HR Questions Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
11/4/2011 Mock Interview Skills Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
11/10/2011 Introduction to Soft Skills Session Speak Eazy
11/11/2011 Telephone Etiquette & Objection Handling Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
11/21/2011 Group Discussions Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
11/25/2011 Public Speaking Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
11/26/2011 Basics of English Speak Eazy
12/3/2011 Prepositions and JAM Session Speak Eazy
12/9/2011 Vocabulary and Small Talk Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
12/17/2011 Soft skills session Speak Eazy
7/1/2012 Soft skills session Speak Eazy
10/2/2012 Resume Writing, PIR & GD Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
17/2/2012 How to handle Customers? Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
24/2/2012 Subject Verb Agreement Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
2/3/2012 Verb Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
3/3/2012 Group Discussions Speak Eazy
17/2/2012 Business Communication Speak Eazy
13/4/2012 Job skills Synchroserve Global Sol Pvt Ltd
21/4/2012 Interviews Speak Eazy
10/10/2012 Participative & Interactive Presentations Speak Eazy
31/10/2012 Corporate Expectations Speak Eazy
14/11/2012 Corporate Expectations II Speak Eazy
19/11/2012 Election Student Council Members  
23/11/2012 Deloitte Impact Day Community Service
1/12/2012 Grammar & English Fluency Speak Eazy
21/11/2012 Business Quiz  
5/12/2012 Logos and Punch Line Mgmt Quiz  
6/12/2012 Extempore Speaking Speak Eazy
7/12/2012 Extempore Speaking Speak Eazy
11/12/2012 Consonants & Vowels Speak Eazy
12/12/2012 MBA Induction Chief Guest, Dr. V.Y. Reddy, Former RBI Governor
2/1/2013 Companies and Logos  
31/1/2013 Mock Placement Drive  
2/2/2013 to 14/2/2013 Core Functional Training Madhu Babu, MD, Patmos HR Services Pvt Ltd
22/3/2013 English Grammar Speak Eazy