Student Development Program

Employability Skills Training Programme

The Department of Business Management, R.B.V.R.R. Women’s College has entered into a MoU with "SynchroServe Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd" to impart the "Employability Skills Training Programme" for the MBA Students.

Today’s Graduates come out of college, polished in academic skills, but working for an Organization or Corporate is a different. While their academic skills definitely count, various other skills such as spoken and written English, interpersonal skills, the art of communication, situational behavior, and so on, play a pivotal role in helping the student fit into the workplace. Lack of these skills may hamper the Student's prospects at the interview stage itself. So this programme aims to impart these skills in a Student, implemented while the student is pursuing his graduation should make the student completely employable by the time she is out of college and into the job hunt. The programme reflects the changing work culture that requires a broader range of skills apart for academic progress to make a mark in today’s organizations.

The programme curriculum covers written and spoken English, business communication, resume writing and interview skills, pronunciation, etiquette, leadership skills and more, making it a comprehensive training on employable skills.

Employability Skills Training Program aims to develop non-technical skills and competencies that has always been an important part of effective and successful participation in the workplace. This explicit program’s primary focus would be on progression of competency based training of students which develops the full range of transferable skills, attitudes and behaviour required for successful participation in the workplace. The program shall be making students employable by honing their skills to meet the demands of today’s world. Also, it will be helpful in enhancing performance of the students in the career and life.

Soft Skills @Speak Eazy

The Department of Business Management, R.B.V.R.R. Women’s College has associated with @Speak Eazy, a training institute to impart beginners’ level Soft skills to the MBA students. This is introduced in order to help students overcome barriers like poor communication skills, English Language Skills etc. In order to overcome this, the Dept. proposes to impart soft skills training to the students from two aspects – theoretical and practical. From the theoretical perspective we have introduced Business Communication I and II as non credit courses to the students in their First and Second Semesters respectively. These papers cover a number of areas like written communication, listening skills, negotiation skills, presentation skills etc,. Apart from this, the Department has procured CDs on Effective Speaking Skills, English Pronunciation, English Without Errors etc., to name a few, to benefit students to use the headphones in the lab and self learn.

Value Education:

In today’s world, where corruption, violence, unrest have become so prevalent in our society, Our college has an added responsibility to ensure that value education as a subject is taken seriously as a part of the curriculum to produce not just educated but also responsible citizens with insightful minds who believe in giving back to the society. Value-education helps the students to develop a critical ability to distinguish between essence and form or between what is of value and what is superficial, in life. It also tries to develop commitment and courage to act on one’s beliefs in real life situations.

Gender Sensitization:

Gender Sensitization is one basic requirement for the normal development of a student. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, a student may refrain from understanding the opposite gender and in some acute cases even herself. The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realized, thus Gender Sensitization as been included as a part of curriculum so that a student can eliminate gender-based prejudice at workplace and in society